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 "Education does not transform the world. Education changes people. Persons transform the world" - Paulo Freire


The Terra da Fantasia college main mission, is to create the conditions necessary for all children to develop harmoniously in a family atmosphere, balanced and stable. To grow up happy, secure and able to successfully address future steps. We want our children to become autonomous beings, critical, free, united and participate actively in the world around them.
The child develops a process of social interaction, play an active role in shaping their own development and learning, so it is essential from what children know their own culture and knowledge. Never forgetting that all learning takes place in a playful way, where the play is key.
An environment in which the child feels feels well, welcome, heard and valued, because their needs are met psychological and physical, is what we seek to build every day.

"To educate is to become all that we know richer and simpler. Simpler to understand and more handy to move.- Eduardo